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Moss Removal & Treatment

Moss Removal & Treatment

A question we get asked a lot is ‘ how will my roof look after a roof treatment?’ Depending on the type or tile you have depends on the results you get. After the moss removal it will look cleaner but the lichen, mould and algae will remain. We will then treat the roof with a biocide treatment. This kills the remaining biofilm. Over the next 12 months your roof will self clean and lighted back to its more natural colour. This process will take time and dose require some good weather cycles of rain and sun. This is where the lichens and algae will gently shed from the roof.

How long will a roof clean last? Again, this depends on the surrounding area. If your house has a lot of over hanging trees this will speed up the regrowth process. But as a good rule of thumb we say, how many years has the house been built and taken for you to get the roof cleaned? Most roof cleans last 5-10 years + before needing to be retreated. As soon as you start to see algae or lichens growing on the roof, this is the time to get the roof treated again. This is cheaper than a full moss removal and treatment, and will prevent the moss from growing back.

The photo in the blog was cleaned 12 months ago and looks amazing

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